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Roll up for simple security

We custom make our roller shutters as a highly effective deterrent against vandalism and burglary for shop fronts, canteens, airports, bars, petrol stations or even your home. Applications can be doors, windows, garages or to partition rooms within a building. You can chose from manually or electrical operation using a remote control, key switch or push button.

Our range encompasses:

  • Double skinned aluminium shutter. These are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. We offer three types – slated, solid and perforated – all of which can be manually or electrically operated.  
  • Perforated shutter. The difference with this type of shutter is the lathes, which feature small holes to provide visibility yet still offer high protection. We recommended these for shop fronts.
  • Portcullis shutter. These have a brick bond mesh appearance. They are mainly used for shop fronts internally as they allow visibility between the spaced bars.
  • Solid shutter. You can choose from attractively finished galvanised steel or brushed aluminium, or even a powder coat in a variety of RAL colours to give a more corporate or personal appearance.

Unsure what you need? We can visit your property for a free consultation.

To find our how EST can assist you with your security requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 158 3822.

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