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Deterring unwanted visitors

Intruder alarms are fast becoming a fact of everyday life and provide much-needed reassurance for many business owners. Whatever system is right for you it has to be expertly installed and carefully monitored to function properly and not disturb neighbours unnecessarily.

Bells Only Alarm

Conventional system with detectors inside and a bell/sounder mounted outside in order to attract attention should the system be triggered.

Police Monitored Alarm

High quality alarm system confirming to UKAS/SSAIB and all British/European standards. Should your alarm be triggered,Police will be called via an (ARC) Alarm Receiving Centre to visit your premises. Panic alarms and Fire alarm detectors can be added to the system, providing silent signals through to the police and  through to the Fire Brigade for fast response.

Redcare GSM Systems

High quality alarm system with dual path signalling (Monitored Land Line and Mobile Number), Confirming to UKAS/SSAIB and British/European Standards. These systems designed by our designer and used correctly by the end user is one of the most secure and cost effective solutions giving maximum insurance discount.

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