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Caught on camera

When it comes to CCTV, you can rest assured you’ve the experts on your side. We install and maintain some of the most sophisticated systems on the market today.


For a more complex application we can provide truly state-of-the-art technology with digital recording systems and selectable storage hard drives. These can range from one to 124 cameras with NVR or server-driven storage. It goes without saying that no matter which system you choose, we’ll ensure it meets the highest possible standards.

Analogue CCTV

These can range from simple one camera systems through to sixteen camera systems with digital recording DVR. While they may be comparatively basic, we make sure they work with all the reliability and efficiency you need.

Other services available

We can also supply high bandwidth radio links, remote control station monitoring, remote end user PC/Mobile monitoring as well as a complete design, installation and commissioning service.

To find our how EST can assist you with your security requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 158 3822.

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